Maximum operating
Efficiency-it's in our name

V-m-o/: Maximum certified operating speed for an aircraft.
Literally, it stands for Velocity, Maximum Operating

Maximum operating

V-m-o/: Maximum certified operating speed for an aircraft. Literally, it stands for Velocity, Maximum Operating.

Vmo Solutions is a software development company specializing in IT products for the aviation services industry.

With proven technical and aviation experience, Vmo strives to increase productivity and efficiency for airlines through technical solutions.

Designed for aviation,
by aviators

Vmo Solutions is a Canadian-based software development company specializing in web-based operational control and flight planning software. Founded in 2010 by a former commercial airline pilot, crew scheduler and developer, Vmo combines its aviation experience and insights to address operational inefficiencies with technology.

The Vmo team is passionate about aviation, with direct crew and flight operations experience. Built using the latest technology and modern methodologies, Vmo’s products are trusted by airlines around the world, offering tailored solutions for operations of all sizes.

Today, Vmo’s team, working from its Halifax, Nova Scotia headquarters and Toronto satellite office, continue to create multi-platform applications for common aviation operations and provide industry-leading support to its customer base.

Our Core team

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the OC and FP software.

Kris Hanus


Chris Chambers


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Greg Long

Sales & Marketing Manager


Kris Hanus


With over a decade of direct aviation experience as a commercial airline pilot, software developer and crew scheduler, Kris Hanus brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to Vmo’s customers. Having been in his customers’ shoes, he understands the intricacies of their operations and the frustrations they might have in finding suitable technical solutions. Kris holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto.

Chris Chambers


As a key member of Vmo’s management team, Chris Chambers brings over 15 years of enterprise IT service delivery experience to his role as VP of Operations. Joining the company in 2015, Chris oversees Vmo’s customer relationship management, in addition to day-to-day applications and infrastructure operations. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ryerson University in Toronto.


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