Optimize and manage all aspects of your flight operations, from dispatching aircraft to managing crew schedules.
Learn from yesterday, manage today and
plan for tomorrow.

Core features

Core features

Flight Display

Track your entire fleet on one screen integrated with real-time live tracking data.
Manage your flight schedule. Plan for maintenance. Monitor your on-time performance.
Quickly adapt to unforeseen schedule changes.

Flight Builder

Build a reoccurring and easy-to-maintain flight schedule. Connect your flights to
pairings. Import schedules in a variety of formats.

Crew Schedule

Crew management, tracking and compliance. Build crew schedules. Up to date with the
latest regulations.

Crew Travel

Central management of crew positioning flights and hotels. Always know where your
crew are. Easily adjust pairings when required.

Crew Web

An online crew portal featuring a mobile-friendly check-in system. Access schedules,
logbooks, per diems and so much more.


Build custom reports using off-the-shelf business intelligence tools via OC’s API. Your
data, your way, 100% accessible, presented exactly how you want it.

Operational Management

Commercial flight planning

Flight scheduling, management & tracking

Maintenance planning

Crew management training (Crew training compliance)




Crew website

Mobile app


Features and Benefits

Module based for a custom-tailored solution based on
operational needs

Cloud-based serverless architecture for ultimate reliability and resiliency

Efficient schedule building and reporting to measure your
crew efficiency

Provides management with increased tracking of crew,
aircraft, operations, administrative and travel costs

Additional Benefits

Secure web-based application

Quick real-time data

Minimize manual
data input

Regulatory compliance

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